CA Civil Seismic Principles Exam

EET offers an Engineering Seismic review class for the CA Civil Seismic Principles Exam.

  • A comprehensive program totaling 30 hours (On-Demand only) of instructions that closely covers the New CA Civil Seismic Principles Exam Test Plan updated in January 2018.
  • The program elements include: On-demand lectures covering seismic principles in details
  • Materials handouts (book with equation sheets, examples, main content, and practice problems)
  • Access to CBT practice problems and solutions.
  • Participants have access to an unlimited view of the on-demand materials (recordings).
  • Five (5) timed CBT simulation exams are available. These exams will provide the experience of CBT exam.
  • Free repeat (90 days) is offered

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Price $500 $475
Course Materials
Lecture Videos
Seismic -Civil Exam-Style Practice Problems
5 Full-length Simulation CBT tests
Printed Study Materials
Course Structure
Live Lectures
Lecture and Workshop Recordings
Instructor-led Consultation hours
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Info & Schedule

Subject Date
Lecture 1 Part 1_Seismology 08/21/2021
Consultation hour 1 08/25/2021
Lecture 2 Part 2_Codes and Standards
Part 3- General Provisions & Seismic Design Criteria
Consultation hour 2 09/01/2021
Lecture 3 Part 4_Seismic Design Requirements For Building Structures 09/04/2021
Consultation hour 3 09/08/2021
Lecture 4 Part 4_Seismic Design Requirements For Building Structures
Part 5_Seismic Design Requirements For Nonstructural Components
Consultation hour 4 09/15/2021
Lecture 5 Part 6_Seismic Design Requirements For Nonbuilding Structures
Part 7_Seismic Design Requirements For Diaphragms
Consultation hour 5 09/22/2021
Lecture 6 Part 7_Seismic Design Requirements For Diaphragms 09/25/2021
Consultation hour 6 09/29/2021
Lecture 7 Part 7_Seismic Design Requirements For Diaphragms
Consultation hour 7 10/06/2021
Lecture 8 Part 8_WOOD DESIGN
Part 9_Soils and Foundations
Consultation hour 8 10/13/2021
Lecture 9 Part 9_Soils and Foundations
Part 10_Concrete
Consultation hour 9 10/20/2021
Lecture 10 Part 11_Masonry
Part 12_Steel
Part 13_Inspection & Observation
Consultation hour 10 10/27/2021
Lecture 11 Part 14_Retrofit of Structures 10/30/2021
Consultation hour 11 11/03/2021
Practice Exams

On-Demand Subscription Info

  • Access pre-recorded lectures covering all Seismic topics
  • Course fees include a printed-binder, 5 CBT simulation test, and access to Instructor-led consultation meetings

What People Are Saying

“I am very happy to say that I have passed the CA Surveying Exam! This was the last exam I needed to obtain my license. This surveying class was immensely helpful in passing the exam. I previously had taken the exam with another course, but it did not have the wealth of information as this class did. Very thankful I have taken this class!
Angelique F., Sacramento, CA

“Just want to let you all know that I passed the CA-survey exam, and now officially a licensed Civil Engineer! Definitely wouldn’t have done it without your class. Even though my work is related to land development, the course helped sharpen some of the tools and fields that I didn’t study much on in the past. I didn’t take a survey course in college and what I know is either from work, or from your class. I felt like the practice problems helped out a lot but there should be more emphasis on speed. Felt like even on the exam, the practice exams (CBT style from classmarker) helped work on the weaknesses for me.”   

Brian L., San Jose, CA

“I would like to say Thank You! I passed the surveying exam thanks to the EET course taught by all three of you. I appreciate the material provided, practice exams, and the video lectures.”

Armen S., San Luis Obispo, CA