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Nazrul Islam
Nazrul IslamPh.D, P.E

Graduated from the University of California, Davis (UCD) with a Ph.D. in Water Resources Engineering. He has 25 years of experience in Water Resources design, construction, and modeling. Dr. Islam has been teaching NCEES content for 10 years with EET. He is also appointed as an Associate-in with UCD. He has published many technical articles in peer-reviewed journals. He has conducted courses in the field of Water Resources.

What People Are Saying

“EET water depth class was extremely helpful, it outlined and provided guidance on exam material that I would have had trouble studying on my own. Nazrul was an exceptional instructor and always made sure we had the best resources available. The water resources depth course was fantastic and Nazrul made sure that as he was lecturing we all understood everything along the way. What I truly enjoyed from this course is how available and responsive Nazrul was and how he went above and beyond with explaining the subjects and making sure everything understood the concepts.”

Chris T., Davis, CA

“Nazrul is very positive and is an excellent instructor. He goes through every page in great detail and makes sure everyone understands before he proceeds.”

Imelda D., Houston, TX

“Nazrul, you were very knowledgeable and taught each subject very well. Having an instructor that answers your questions quickly and is available for students that are struggling with topics is key to a successful class. The index was very helpful. The additional problem sessions were also very helpful and I suggest keeping them for re-enforcement on the homework problems.” 

Zack C., Redding, CA

I want to thank Samir, Amir, and Nazrul for the fantastic review course you’ve put together. I really could not have done it without the motivation and guidance that you gave me and everyone else who when thru your review course. I’ve recommended EET to other people I know and really feel like its the only one that properly prepares examinees for the test.”

David B., Gig Harbor, WA

“Best class, Dr Nazrul is an excellent instructor. Really appreciate how he explained all the fine details which are very relevant for the exam. Best Instructor ever. Excellent materials, organized in the best way. All our queries are answered. Good Emphasis on NCEES favorite topics. Can’t ask for anyone better it thank him enough. Thanks a lot Dr Nazrul.”

Praseetha K, Rancho Cucamonga, CA