What People Are Saying

“I walked out of the exam feeling very confident.  But I know this would not be possible without EET and the great professors.  I feel the class and instructor were outstanding and very thorough in explaining the material.  No Comparison – This is by far the best course for your dollar!  I really enjoyed the entire course.  However the practice sessions and simulated exams were a great addition and allowed me to fine tune those areas I wasn’t performing well”

Angeles C., Sacramento, CA

“Overall all instructors have done an excellent job in their topics and taken the time to answer each individual student.  I have attended webinar or a class online before with live students in class in conjunction to a webinar.  The attention given to students online was nowhere near the same.”

Rima T., San Diego, CA

“This course is excellent. All instructors are very knowledgeable and have taken the time to prepare an excellent reference binder that is worth gold in itself. If you are like me and need guidance and structure as you prepare for this exam, take this course!”

 Imelda D., Houston, TX

 I want to thank Samir, Amir and Nazrul for the fantastic review course you’ve put together. I really could not have done it without the motivation and guidance that you gave me and everyone else who when thru your review course.I’ve recommended EET to other people I know and really feel like its the only one that properly prepares examinees for the test.”

David B., Gig Harbor, WA

“I found the concept of having practice exams and the simulated exams very beneficial. These exams pushed me to try and make sure that I fully understood the subject matter.”

 Mehdi M., Sacramento, CA

“I would really like to thank Samir, Amir and Nazrul for preparing and teaching the material in a way that makes the test seem easy. I brought the breadth binder and the Civil Reference manual by Lindbergh and barely used my reference manual as everything I needed was located in my EET breadth binder.

All in all, I felt the course adequately prepared me for all aspects of the exam and I will not hesitate to recommend the course to fellow test takers and colleagues.”

Cindy L., San Leandro, CA

“I wanted to thank you all for your informative lectures and practice problems that you all have provided. I passed the National Exam thanks to you and EET. I also passed the Seismic exam with the help of Ahmed as well.”

                                                                                                Jonathan L., Brea, CA

“It is with great honor for me to tell you that I just found out that I passed the PE this morning!!I have been dreaming of telling you the good news, and now it has become a reality!You are so awesome, there are just no words to describe.  You really care for your students, and you’ve made my dream of becoming a PE a reality!”

                                                                                      Nicholas K., Grand Forks, ND

“I passed the PE exam. Thank you for everything and I wouldnt pass it with out your help.”

Seifu W., Baltimore, MD

“Thank all of you guys for offering your classes at such reasonable prices. You are worth your weight in gold. I credit EET as a huge part of me passing this time around! Thankful I found out about you guys on the engineerboards forum.”

                                                                                                Lindsey R., Madison, AL

“Thank you for your commitment to the class. I loved the energy and passion you have for each of your student’s achievement.  I could not have gotten my PE without your mentorship and positive teaching methods. I highly recommend the EET team for the success of future PE’s.”

Shicha C., Sacramento, CA

“I could not have done it without EET.  I would have not had no idea where to start, which direction to go and what to expect.”

Michael D., Fairless Hills, PA

 “EET instructors were extremely attentive, promptly responsive and helpful, as well as knowledgeable.  They were also always encouraging.” 

Thienan N., Elk Grove, CA

“Passed  the seismic and the 8hrs exams. I am now a registered professional engineer. Thank you for all the help and for the EET school. I used your scan every problem technique during the exam. Its amazing what the right type of strategy can do on tough exam. After the exam, I felt like I did very well. There are  very few times I felt that confident after an exam.  Going through these courses with Ahmed and Samir, I realized that engineering is not about memorization, it’s about using the proper tools, mathematically or physically, for the proper procedure.  Thank you so much for your help.  I am grateful that there are educators like you.”

Marco M., Pinole, CA

“EET has been a very helpful review course for the 8 hour PE exam.  The instructor relays necessary information with the appropriate level of difficulty by giving presentation notes and relevant prep questions.” 

Anthony C., Sacramento, CA

“Samir goes beyond what you expect and provides great lessons and examples for class.  I think the class binder and all notes are very helpful.  As class goes along, you build on it to make it a very useful tool for the exam.”

Victoria M., Newbury Park, CA

“Instructor is easy to reach via email and he answered my questions daily.  The depth class has covered 90% of the test and I think this is great.”

Jun Z., Ridgecrest, CA

“Samir, so happy I don’t have to go through the studying again.  Appreciate the hard work and all the teaching. Learned alot from your class, and I am so glad I went through your course.  Thanks!!

Scott K., Roseville, CA

“Well I got the great news this morning that I passed the exam!  This was my second time taking it and I’m so happy…amazing early Christmas gift!  Anyway, I want to also say that I couldn’t have done it without your instruction and great course materials (I didn’t do any review course the first time around, just studying on my own).  Going in to the exam, I felt that I was very well prepared.  I will work on getting the course critique back to you with some additional comments but I wanted to share the great news!”

                                                                                      Doug K., Oxnard, CA

“The enthusiasm of the instructor and his knowledge of the subject were phenomenal.”

Debra B., Sacramento, CA

“I’d like to thank Dr. Islam and Dr. Malek for their excellent classes. Though the subjects tested are quite broad and could encompass nearly everything, their ability to take a straight forward approach to preparation was the guidance I needed. With plenty of homework materials and conceptual explanation to cover most all of my bases, I felt prepared and confident on exam day.”

Taki V., San Francisco, CA

“The structure and quality of information taught in your classes were top notch and I want to thank all the professors for their time and effort to help students pass the PE exam.”

Kevin M., FPO, AE 

“Thanks for the preparation and time spent for the review course. The confidence alone the review course provided was worth the cost and time on my end.”

Tyler W., Jacksonville, FL

“They provided a lot of insight beyond what was in the handouts. They both are very knowledgeable about the subject matter. They highlighted the parts that they thought may be on the exam and also pointed out topics that they felt were unlikely to be on the exam.”

Robert F., Jackson, MI

“Presentations were clear and both instructors were willing to explain on the spot should there was a question during the live sessions and for the on-demand customers the email communication was easy and fast.”

George P., Dallas, TX

“I was very impressed with adapting to the new exam format of more conceptual problems associated with the exam. However, it still seems difficult to grasp all of the conceptual content that is covered in the exam.”

Troy G., St. George, UT

“Their willingness to explain the material in detail and to answer any questions that the class or individuals may have had. Very engaging and encouraged discussions.”

Bennett D., Mobile, AL

“Very well planned out to cover as much material as possible in slotted time.”

Kyle B., Franklin, IN

“Clearly explained topics and good examples to help you understand the topic better.”

Kathryn M., San Francisco, CA

“For both of the instructors: Having us understand the concepts really paid off for this exam. Even though some of the material was quite different, we had the basic knowledge of how to approach a problem from a theoretical standpoint to help us get started in solving the problem.

Nazrul – I liked the way he laid out the course material in the binders, especially having the questions and solutions after each section. His covering of Hydraulics and Retaining Wall sections helped me understand material that had previously given me problems. He was extremely proficient in covering the Geotech sections on materials testing – many of which were on the April Exam.

Amir – I liked the way he presented the afternoon sections of the Geotech Depth material. He was very patient when asked how to solve problems. His material was heavily covered on the afternoon sections of the April Exam. I also enjoyed his Breadth Structural class!”

Brigid B., Buena Park

“I really liked the pace of the classes. I liked that you both did not dwell on some of the student’s questions that were beyond or too in depth for the exam.”

Justin J. Georgetown, DE

“I received the exam results today from NCEES and I have passed the exam. I am very grateful for the excellent lectures, exemplary notes and the dedication of the teachers, that helped me to pass the PE Civil (structural Depth) in my first attempt. I am very sure that I could not have achieved this success without EET’s excellent coaching.     Thanking you all,”

Partha N., Calgery, AB   

“I want to thank the professors for all the help they gave me these last few months. I felt better prepared this second time around, the professors covered a lot of the material that was in the test.  I feel like I am a better engineer because of this test experience and this class.  …..    Hey guys   I just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam. Thanks for all your help”.

Carlos H., Sunrise, FL

“Just wanted to give you the good news. I finally passed the 8 hour! What a great feeling. Thank you so much for the great class and all that you’ve done for us. Without you it would’ve almost been impossible.” 

Bita S., Mission Viejo, CA

“Samir, I passed the PE 8hrs exam. Thank you so much. Your class was key. I am very happy for that.”

Pedro S., Chula Vista, CA

“Thank you for your excellent teaching style.  I learned a lot about transportation engineering and now I am a step closure to licensure.”

 Thomas. M., San Jose, CA

“I received my exam results on Friday — and I passed! Thanks to you and everyone at EET for all the help. The course really helped me to focus my studies on the most important areas and made everything seem more manageable. I also felt like the problems that you all provided were the most exam-like compared to other sources that I had looked at. I will definitely be recommending EET to my friends as they prepare to take the exam!”

Angela  C.,Columbus, OH

“I just wanted to tell you I found out I passed the PE. This was my third time taking it and your class (especially the depth portion) was part of the game changer that helped me pass this time.”

Allen B.,Kingsport, TN

“I wanted to thank you and the rest of the EET instructors for your excellent review course for the PE Exam.After failing the exam in April 2015, I’m happy to report that I passed this go around and have no doubt that the quality instruction EET provided had a lot to do with the results.  Keep doing what you’re doing.  The course is very well structured and very well presented.  I have recommended the class to a co-worker due to the wonderful experience I had.”

Mitchell L.,Danville, IL

“I wanted to start out by thanking you for a great review class.  I found that the material you covered was very beneficial during the test and you are very good at breaking things down so they are easy to learn. I just wanted to let you know that I passed the PE!  Your course was the only thing that I did different this time, so it was a great investment.  I will definitely recommend your course.”

Tawney  B., Sacramento, CA

“Samir went out of his way to help every student before and after lectures. That was very much appreciated.”

Vahid N., Folsom, CA

“I believe your 4 hour practice exam and the shorter 6 min. problem solving sessions really helped me to work quickly and more efficiently.   Be assured I will tell anyone who needs to pass the P.E. about your program.”

Michael K., Sacramento, CA

“Your class helped me a lot.  Very few questions that I was not able to understand.”

Kulvir D., Roseville, CA

“Instructor was extremely caring towards the students and our success. That was clear from the first presentation. Felt like I was losing a close friend after I watched the final video lecture. I have already recommended this course to 3 colleagues that have also appreciated it as much as I have. Very helpful test taking tips and strategies provided. Test-oriented lectures helped boil down the material into what you really need to know for the exam. I felt that the instructor was extremely open to questions and further resources if needed. He was also available via email at any time and always replied promptly.”

Alex M., Raleigh, NC

“EET water depth class was extremely helpful, it outlined and provided guidance on exam material that I would have had trouble studying on my own. Nazrul was an exceptional instructor and always made sure we had the best resources available. The water resources depth course was fantastic and Nazrul made sure that as he was lecturing we all understood everything along the way. What I truly enjoyed from this course is how available and responsive Nazrul was and how he went above and beyond with explaining the subjects and making sure everything understood the concepts.”

Chris T., Davis, CA

“Nazrul is very positive and is an excellent instructor. He goes through every page in great detail and makes sure everyone understands before he proceeds.”

Imelda D. Houston, TX

“Follow ups on everything, quick response, very helpful. If something was promised in class it was delivered. Also, instructor had in-depth practical subject knowledge of all topics taught. I have gained knowledge not just for exam, but for my career too.” 

Haritha V., Lake Forest, CA

“The simulated exam was a good representation of the material that I saw on the real exam and I was glad to have a chance to practice a full length test prior to exam day.” 

Morgan O., Oakland, CA

“Thank you very much for all your help and mentoring. You were more than just an instructor. I really appreciate it.”

 Matt P., North Providence, RI

“Nazrul, you were very knowledgeable and taught each subject very well. Having an instructor that answers your questions quickly and is available for students that are struggling with topics is key to a successful class. The index was very helpful. The additional problem sessions were also very helpful and I suggest keeping them for re-enforcement on the homework problems.” 

Zack C., Redding, CA

“Nazrul provided very clear and straightforward explanations of concepts that are difficult to understand in textbooks. He also emphasized types of problems that are most likely to show up, which makes studying very effective. His WRE depth binder is organized very well and it provides most of the references for all of the subjects all-in-one.”

Gilbert P., Sacramento, CA

“Nazrul was very knowledgeable and charismatic; he encourages all the students to participate during the live sessions and made sure we all understood the material before jumping to the next one. He gave us exactly what we needed in his binders and does all the research for us to give us the best practice problems out there.”

 Giselle C. Panama City, FL

“All practice problems, practice exams, and concepts were very much in-tune with the NCEES exam. Big thumbs up as well for adding more conceptual questions; I felt well prepared for any of these questions that showed up on the NCEES exam.”

 Nicholas K., Grand Forks, ND

“Clear explanation and understanding, interested in each student’s progress, followed up on my progress closely, constant motivation, nicely organized material, used online tools that made things really comfortable.” 

 Hiral D., Folsom, CA

“Thank you so much for your complete, detailed, and all-over fantastic course!  You are the reason I passed.  Not only was the course informative and thorough, it was interesting (sort of)!  You have a true gift for teaching, and I will recommend your course to all my coworkers.”

 Parita A., San Diego, CA

“The best course I’ve ever taken. Nazrul cares about the students.”

 Fengyan Y., Philadelphia, PA

“Nazrul was very attentive to the needs of the class. If one or more of the class attendees did not understand a part of the material he would go out of his way to help during or after class hours.”

 David T., Winterville, NC

“His willingness to help and go above and beyond when we had questions. I like the extra discussion sessions during the week to provide extra help on each topic.”

 Tylor G., Pike Road, AL

“He was very inspiring and caring. He really wanted us to learn, not just for the PE, but for work and knowledge in general. I learned so much from the class. The binder was great! I like the cheat sheets and organization. The practice problems were good to do for preparation.”

 Tay N., Fremont, CA

“For someone with little experience in half of the WRE depth; Nazrul did an amazing job. Very helpful and truly cared about the success of each student. It is rare to find a teacher that possesses the qualities that Nazrul does.”

 Tyler A., Metairie, LA

“Best class, Dr Nazrul is an excellent instructor. Really appreciate how he explained all the fine details which is very relevant for the exam. Best Instructor ever. Excellent materials, organized in the best way. All our queries are answered. Good Emphasis on NCEES favorite topics. Can’t ask for anyone better it thank him enough. Thanks a lot Dr Nazrul.”

 Praseetha K, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“The class and material was very organized. The cheat sheets were very helpful in the exam. The sessions were not boring even though we went through some very dense material. Nazrul was always aware of questions being asked in the sessions and would answer them right away. He always answered questions in email in timely manner. The personal attention to each student is excellent.  Nazrul was very encouraging and always had a positive word to share.” 

Eli J., Irondale, AL

“Nazrul is a wonderful teacher! He is thoughtful in his approach and provides great explanation. I really appreciated how he checked in with us throughout the class to make sure we were engaged, for example by asking for our answers to practice questions – it’s very easy to lose focus in an 8-hour webinar without that. I also appreciated his sense of humor and that he tried to keep us all calm about the test. Lastly, he is very organized, providing our schedule and assignments in advance which is helpful for time management as we approached the test.”

Alice H., Oakland, CA

“I found the class to be very beneficial for the PE exam, and very enjoyable at the same time. Nazrul is a very nice person and is a great teacher I really enjoyed the class. Lastly, the amount of effort and dedication from Nazrul is very obvious and he gives his students 110% to ensure that we will be successful.”

Mehdi M., Sacramento, CA

“Very good instructor His explanations are always easy to understand and his topics are always to the point”

Kenneth J., Houston, TX

“This is the best class that anyone can take to prepare for the depth portion of the PE exam. The practice exams prepared me in getting comfortable quickly answering questions to meet the time limit in the exam.”

Anthony Y., Chula Vista, CA

“In my 18 years of formal education I never had a teacher as knowledgeable and helpful as Nazrul Islam. He is a man committed to helping his students pass the depth portion of the PE exam. I was extremely impressed with his work ethic and dedication to his students.” 

Erik G., Sacramento, CA

“Both course work and instructor were excellent. All topics on the exam were covered in the notes and the lectures. Nazrul is an excellent instructor and makes extraordinary effort to ensure the student has every confidence in passing the exam.”

 Ray C., Sonoma, CA

“I liked how the instructors were always available to help you. Many times Nazrul would send me back answers to my exam problems in the middle of the night (thank you!) because I would finish quite late due to my busy schedule. He very much cared about my progress and asked where I was in my studies, which really kept me on track (I am naturally a procrastinator, it is very bad I know).”

Heather R., San Francisco, CA

“Extremely responsive and accessible. Having the course online saved countless hours of having to drive to an actual review course and at the same time gave better access to material because it was all online.”

 Brian E., Houston, Texas

“Course material and contents are in tune with the actual exam. The practice exams were very useful. Nazrul is amazing in his teaching methods and the lengths he goes to make his students understand all concepts especially the crucial ones. The pace of the course is very fast so one requires to have a great commitment for 3 months to do well in this exam.” 

Probas A., Delray Beach, FL

“Exceptional course that is extensive yet very well organized and designed to help you address every angle of the exam. Nazrul’s teaching feels more like a mentorship program. He is always available to answer questions and provides you with strategies for the exam. He genuinely cares about your progress. The only thing that is required of you is to study his material.”

Awni T., Stockton, CA 

“Nazrul is an incredibly thoughtful teacher.  He took time to explain topics that were unclear.  His notes, practice problems, quizzes and exams were exceptional. So organized and clear.”

Jessica W.,  San Francisco, CA

“I really appreciated Nazrul’s encouraging words and positive attitude. He made sure that no topic was too intimidating and that his students felt comfortable with the challenge.”

Emmy K.,  Key West, FL

“Nazrul was very dedicated to making sure that all of his students passed. He answered emails and other questions very quickly. The notebook and example questions that he developed are excellent.”

Holly C., Sacramento, CA

I PASSED SEISMIC & SURVEYING the first time each!!!  Thanks for the awesome classes.

Mohsen A., Stanton, CA

I just wanted to inform you that I successfully completed the CA Civil Surveying Examination! Thank you for the amazing EET notes, webinars, and course materials! I have strongly recommended EET to all of my friends that are preparing for the examination.

Dan K., Sacramento, CA

Just want to let you all know that I passed the CA-survey exam, and now officially a licensed Civil Engineer! Definitely wouldn’t have done it without your class. Even though my work is related to land development, the course helped sharpen some of the tools and fields that I didn’t study much on in the past. I didn’t take a survey course in college and what I know is either from work, or from your class. I felt like the practice problems helped out a lot but there should be more emphasis on speed. Felt like even on the exam, the practice exams (CBT style from classmarker) helped work on the weaknesses for me.

Brian L., San Jose, CA

THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART for helping me pass the P.E. exam. I am so happy I finally passed!!! I’m a working mom of 3 children and have graduated college more than 20 years ago. I’ve attempted to pass on my own many times using other books but to no avail.  It was a 2-year journey of serious dedication, commitment and perseverance on my part to pass the 8-hours and surveying exams. I’m eternally grateful for all your help. The money and time invested in EET course was worth every penny. EET classes and materials were so invaluable. It was organized in a way that helped me focus on what was important for the exams. Thank you for being there with me and answering all my exam questions via emails. Please keep up the good work. Thank you so much again for all that you do and giving hope to working moms like me that this exam can be conquered.

Quyen P., San Gabriel, CA

I just got the survey result, and i passed from the 1st try. The practice exams that you provided, it was very similar to the real test.

Rimon Z., San Diego, CA

EET is simply awesome!!  I took the Breath, Transportation Depth, Surveying and Seismic and passed the tests on my first try.  You all make the concepts so simple and make the classes enjoyable.  I can feel you all really care about each and everyone of your students success and message and call us.  EET has been great in promoting my career. It has been a long 10 months of studying, but listening to you all and putting in the time is well worth it.

Justin B.,  Windsor, CA

I would like to say Thank You! I passed the surveying exam thanks to the EET course taught by all three of you. I appreciate the material provided, practice exams, and the video lectures.

Armen S., San Luis Obispo, CA

I passed the seismic and surveying exams and am now waiting to receive the letter from the board. I wanted to thank you all for your instruction, I really enjoyed the survey class and it was very valuable.

Sahar M., Folsom, CA

I am very happy to let you know that I passed the surveying and seismic test and I got my PE license.

Lateef, El Cajon, CA