California Specific PE

California Specific Civil Engineering PE Exam consists of two additional examinations: the Engineering Surveying Exam and the Seismic Principles Exam.


California Specific Surveying review class

  • A comprehensive program totaling 32 hours (On-Demand only) of instructions that closely covers the New California Engineering Surveying Exam Test Plan updated in January 2018.
  • The program elements include: On-demand lectures covering surveying principles in details, recording of problem-solving sessions, Materials handouts (binder with equation sheets, examples, main content, and practice problems), Access to CBT practice problem solutions, Consultation hours, Mini-Exams, and four (4) Simulation exams.
  • The program is designed to enhance participants’ knowledge of surveying concepts and principles and maximize the chance for passing the Surveying Exam.
  • Participants have access to an unlimited view of the on-demand materials (recordings).
  • Participants have unlimited access to the solutions to the practice problems provided in the handouts. All practice problems and exams are Computer Based Test (CBT).
  • Four (4) Simulated exams are available.
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California Specific Seismic review class (Coming Soon)

  • A comprehensive program to provide civil engineering candidates with Class Lectures, Textbook, and exam practice questions to prepare and pass the 2.5 hour CA Civil Seismic Principles (CSP) portion of the California Civil Professional Engineers Examination.
  • A comprehensive program totaling 56 hours of live instructions that cover closely the California Seismic Principles Exam Test Plan.
  • The program elements include: Class Lectures, Textbook, Practice Problems/Exams, Problem Solving sessions, Equation Sheets, and Simulation Exams on CBT software.
  • The program is designed for full interaction with class participants to enhance the learning experience and maximize the chance for passing the Seismic Exam. Class participants are expected to solve exercises during the class and submit their homework promptly.
  • Review classes for CA Seismic Principles Exam are offered live webinars and on-demand.

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