Corporate Classes by EET

Part of the employees’ career development is the acquisition of necessary certifications and licensing. Investing in your employee’s continued education and training is one of the most critical decisions that would result in the most long-lasting benefits to fast-growing private companies and public agencies.
EET provides review courses for Civil FE and PE according to the required curriculum set by NCEES. EET handouts and presentations are updated every season to perfectly match with NCEES requirements.

All classes are structured to fully engage students into a disciplined program of study for those students who need help and guidance to cover all the required topics. Also, the handouts and videos allow students who are self-disciplined and who prefer to work independently the freedom to organize their own schedule to study at their own pace.

EET offers review classes for California special exams in Seismic and surveying so that students complete the requirements to achieve full licensure.

Class Delivery Options

We can customize class schedules and topics to best fit your employees’ needs. Class delivery options include:

1- Live Webinar Classes: the live webinar sessions are offered by experienced instructors at times that are convenient for your company or agency.

2- On-demand Classes: the on-demand class format utilizes the recordings of the live webinar sessions. Students receive immediate access to recordings and can study at their own pace.

Corporate Discounts

EET provides corporate discounts for agencies and companies with a minimum student group of 5 or more employees attending any of our FE, PE, CA Specific exams, or special review classes.

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