Please review the following policies before you complete your registration!

  • All registrations are processed through online (Apply Online).  Early registration is highly recommended; classes may close early if filled up or get canceled for low enrollment.
  • Both On-demand and Webinar classes may be subjected to technical difficulties beyond our control. EET will work to correct the problems as soon as possible.
  • Seminar and Webinar fees must be pre-paid by one of the following methods: check, money order, or Credit Card.
  • A $50.00 fee will be charged on any checks returned for insufficient funds.
  • Handouts are shipped to registrants before the beginning of the first session. It is the responsibility of the student to inspect the handouts and promptly notify EET about any problems.
  • Registration is provided solely for the use of the student registered for the specific class. No sharing is allowed for the study materials or access to the webinars or recordings. See the Copyright agreement below.
  • EET reserves the right to accept or reject registrations.
  • If you register during any particular season and you plan to take the exam in the following season, you will get an extension to access the materials with the condition that your free repeat will be exhausted.
  • Starting March 1, 2018, all registration to CA Seismic and Surveying classes will be subject to the following Access Limits:
    • Unlimited access to all recordings and CBT exams
    • 120 days since the initial registration date
    • 90 days free repeat with proof of exam results and requested within one year from the initial registration date.
    • For live Webinar or Seminar classes, the initial registration date is considered the first day of the live classes.

  • A 100% refund will be provided when a student cancels before the start of the first class and when study materials have not been shipped.
  • A 75% refund will be provided when a student cancels before the first class after study materials have been shipped or delivered. The refund will be processed after the study materials have been returned to EET in the same original conditions.
  • No refunds will be given on or after the first class date.
  • If the student request and was granted access to the On-demand recordings, the refund policy for the On-demand shall apply.
  • A 100% refund will be provided when a student cancels before the study materials have been shipped.
  • A 75% refund will be provided when a student cancels within one week (7 days) after the student was granted access to the Recorded Webinars and/or received the tracked study materials. The refund will be processed after materials have been returned to EET in the same original conditions.
  • No refunds will be provided after one week (7 days) from the date of the access to the recorded webinars were given and/or the study materials were delivered.

If a registered student was informed after the class starts that he/she is not eligible to take the exam for the intended season,  EET will postpone the student’s registration until the following season at no charge if the student provides proof of the letter received from the state board confirming ineligibility to take the exam at that time.  Send a copy of the letter to your instructor/ administrative staff within 10 days of receipt of the letter.

EET wishes you the best to pass the exam. However, if you do not pass in your first attempt, you can repeat the review of the same course as On-demand one time free. The following conditions apply to repeat class participants.

  • You must submit the NCEES results or CA Board showing the unsuccessful attempt.
  • You must re-enroll in the same class you signed up for initially. If you decide to change to a different depth class you will pay current fees.
  • If you require new handouts (binders, books) you will pay the costs of producing and shipping of materials.
  • This complimentary repeat course offer is not transferable to another person or another class.

NCEES Civil PE exam participants:

  • Your free offer has to be redeemed in the following season. EET will not approve delaying repeat redemption to a future season beyond the season following the initial registration season. A new purchase would be required if repeat is not used the following season.
  • You must contact the instructor who confirmed your registration before June 30 for the Fall session and December 31 for the Spring session.

FE and California special exams Participants

  • All EET FE and California special exams students are eligible for a one-time free repeat for a period of 10-week on-demand course subscription regardless of the course you originally enrolled in if you meet the following criteria:
    • took your exam at an authorized testing site within 12 weeks of completing their EET review courses; and
    • requested the free repeat within 20 weeks of completing your review course.

EET will try its best to follow the schedule and maintain all classes. However, due to unforeseen reasons and low enrollment in a module, EET may merge a seminar class with the equivalent webinar class or may cancel the class and will issue a full refund. All EET classes have a minimum requirement of ten (10) enrollments to offer the live sessions. Therefore:

  • If any seminar class has less than ten (10) enrollments, EET will offer you to attend the webinar session and refund you the fee difference between seminar and webinar, if any. If EET cannot accommodate you, EET will issue a full refund.
  • If any webinar class has less than ten (10) enrollments, EET will offer you to attend the On-demand and refund you the fee difference between a webinar and an On-demand policy, if any. If EET cannot accommodate you, EET will issue a full refund.

EET instructors expect the following from all class participants:

  • Regular submittal of your homework, participating in the exams and following the instructions provided during your first enrollment. Our goal is for you to pass the exam in your first attempt so we ask you to work hard.
  • Attendance of at least 75% of the live sessions scheduled or completely watch the recordings.
  • Instructors will respond to your questions to understand the concepts for content, examples, and problems presented in the binder. Please note that the binder and instruction sessions were carefully developed based on the NCEES recommended outline. Therefore, the instructor may not answer any question that is outside the scope of your enrolled class.
  • Instructors will not share any binder content via email or any other format. However, solutions to exam questions and/or homework may be shared in pdf format.
  • EET separates the breadth and depth module to prepare you the best by focusing your need for the exam. Therefore, the Instructor may not provide you any content that is outside of NCEES recommended scope for your module.

EET does not sell any handouts without registration in the class. The handout price is included in the enrollment fee and will be delivered to you upon enrollment.

EET uses USPS/UPS services to ship class handouts within the United States and the cost of shipping is included in the class fees.  EET will do its best to get your handouts delivered to you within 7-10 business days after registration and full payment was completed.

Shipping outside the United States is not included in the class fee and shall be paid separately.  The cost of shipping the study materials varies depending on the destination and is substantially higher than domestic shipping. Please contact EET for the amount of the shipping cost and how to be paid.

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded upon request at the end of the class. Each registrant must attend at least 75% of the total class sessions and must return a completed class evaluation at the end of the classes in order to receive the certificate of completion.

All materials provided to you by Engineering Education and Training including class handouts and class recordings for on-demand, seminar and webinar sessions are the property of the Engineering Education and Training Company.  They are provided solely for the use of the student registered for the specific class.  Any attempt to share the study materials and the access to the recordings are strictly forbidden and violate the EET registration policy.  Sharing the registration (or halfsies) constitutes a violation of the EET registration policy and will result in annulment of the violator’s registration and access privilege with no refund.  

All information supplied by participants will be maintained for a period of seven years. No release of any information will be done without the expressed written consent of the participant.

Lectures presented in the series, as well as the handouts and lecture materials provided, represent the opinions of various professionals as a resource for those taking examinations and so do not represent the official position taken by the agencies that administer and grade the examinations.

The professionals who lecture, or those who prepare the handouts, or the owners of the company are in no way responsible for the failure of registrants in the exam, or liable for errors or omissions in the solutions, or in the way they are interpreted by the registrants or others.

EET instructors shall not provide a response to questions that are not related to the exam and/or not within the scope of the class.

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