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Water Resources and Environmental PM exam covers both the Water Resources Engineering and Environmental engineering concepts in depth. The course provides discussion in Analysis and Design, closed conduit, Open Channel Flow, Hydrology, Groundwater and Wells, Wastewater Collection and Treatment, Water Quality, and Drinking Water Distribution and Treatment. The class has 40 hours of professional live instructions, 10 hours of problem-solving sessions (total 5 sessions), and 5-hour exam discussion (total 3 sessions). The binder is well organized and has approximately 700 problems to practice. A 4-hour simulated exam, which includes 40 problems, is offered at the end of the review class to provide students an opportunity to experience the pressure of the real exam.

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On-Demand recordings are available immediately after you complete the registration.

  • Over 55 hours of recorded lectures, quizzes, workshops, and simulated exams for both breadth and depth sessions.
  • We will provide you an updated printed binder. In addition to the access to the last season recordings, current season recordings access will be provided.
  • Fees include a binder with shipping and simulated exam.
  • All recordings and problem-solving workshop sessions are available until the day of Exam.
  • An instructor will walk you through the resources after you receive your binder.
  • Instructors are also available to answer questions via email.


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